Councilman Jeff Greenfield

Fairfax City Council (1994-2018)

“Kyle is well suited to represent the Springfield District on the School Board. His pragmatic approach to policy, coupled with a dedication to the community, will make him an excellent School Board member.”

Supervisor John Vihstadt

Arlington County Board of Supervisors (2014-2018)

“Kyle McDaniel represents a new generation of independent leadership.  His practical, common sense approach to ensuring educational excellence for Fairfax County students is just what the School Board needs.”

Supervisor Mike Frey

Fairfax County Supervisor (1991-2015)

“Kyle is exactly the type of leader the School Board needs. He has a deep understanding of policy issues and knows how to govern effectively. In an environment where politics has taken center stage on the School Board, Kyle is a breath of fresh air and will work tirelessly representing the Springfield District."

Louise Epstein

Co-founder and Past Chair, Fairfax Education Coalition, Past President, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology PTSA

“Kyle developed a detailed knowledge of the school system budget, school board dynamics and the staff decision-making process during the years that he worked for Supervisor Pat Herrity. WIth his common sense and pragmatic approach to life and his exceptional work ethic, Kyle would be an unusually effective school board member, who would move the needle on issues that matter to Springfield District constituents.”

Bill Woolf

Nationally-Recognized Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate, and former Fairfax County Detective

“Kyle’s ability to bring people together for a common purpose will serve him well on the School Board. He understands the complexity of the human trafficking problem, and he will be an advocate in the fight against it. I am happy to endorse him, and encourage others to as well.”

Jim Kirkpatrick

President, Springfield District Council

"Kyle knows what public service is all about: showing up, working hard, and not being afraid to listen to people who may disagree with him. He has been a long-time community champion, and has served Springfield District in many roles. He would make an excellent School Board member."

Tracy Betts

CEO, Boldr Strategy and FCPS Parent

“If there’s one thing I know about Kyle, it’s his drive to serve the community. As a past chamber president and aide to Supervisor Herrity, he has a deep understanding of the public and private sectors. He’d make an excellent addition to the School Board.”

John Pellegrin

Chairman, Fairfax County Small Business Commission

"As a small business owner, Kyle understands the environment facing the business community. He also understands Springfield District, and its communities. Kyle is a recognized leader, and his dedication to fight for us is second to none. I fully endorse him and hope you will join me in supporting him for school board."

Katie Mutchler

Past President, Clifton Horse Society

“I am supporting Kyle because he has an in depth knowledge of Springfield District, and the diverse communities that call it home. He firmly believes in protecting our equestrian heritage, while supporting innovation and adaptation. Kyle would make an excellent school board member, and Springfield District would benefit with him as our representative.”

Mac McConnell

Founder, Accotink Academy; and Long-time Springfield District Community Leader

Chuck and Gail Albo

West Springfield Community Leaders

“Kyle's common sense and pragmatic approach is exactly what the School Board needs. His experience in the public and private sector, coupled with his work ethic and deep community roots, would make him an excellent voice for Springfield District.”

Rebecca Goldin

Past President, Fairfax County Association for the Gifted

“Kyle understands the many programmatic and logistical issues facing our schools, and has the energy and experience to address them. He’s an independent thinker who wants our kids to thrive first and foremost, and knows how to work collaboratively. His focus on academic excellence and choice will promote local community building while maintaining opportunity across the County. Kyle will be a strong and pragmatic advocate for Springfield District.”

Mayor Jim Chesley

Mayor of the Town of Clifton (1992-2004)

“Kyle is exactly the type of leader the school board and Springfield District needs. He knows the issues and the community, and he has a long track record of community service. He worked tirelessly on behalf of the Town of Clifton during his time with Supervisor Herrity, and I know he will be an effective advocate for the town on the school board.”

The Honorable Patty Reed

Fairfax County School Board (2009-2015)

"As a former member of the School Board, I can tell you that Kyle is perfectly suited to represent all of Springfield District. He knows the issues. He knows the community. And he has demonstrated a passion for service. Springfield District can be proud with him as its representative.”

Sheree Brown-Kaplan

Former Chair, Special Education Committee, Fairfax County Council of PTAs

"Kyle understands the issues and challenges our public schools face and has the ability to bring people together to find effective solutions. The Springfield community will be well served by Kyle as its school board representative."

Mike Drobnis

Past President, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

“I am supporting Kyle for the school board because he recognizes that the factors facing our schools, students, and families today are complex and connected. Kyle has spent years in the community and is deeply knowledgeable about Springfield District, and can apply a non-partisan approach to improving the school system.  As a small business owner, former chamber president and board member and most importantly the parent of 3 FCPS students, I appreciate his diverse background. I believe his experiences, connections and community involvement is what we need on the FCPS school board.”

Burt Rubin

Long-time Springfield District Community Leader

"Kyle would make an excellent addition to the school board. He has served Springfield District for a decade both through Supervisor Herrity's office, and as a civic leader. He cares deeply for our community, and will be our advocate."

Todd Lalich

West Springfield High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“Kyle has a servants heart and has been a leader in the West Springfield community for years. Through his work with the Rotary Club and Kristi’s Christmas, he’s shown he has what it takes to serve others. I fully support him and hope you join me in supporting him too.”

John K. Wood

Owner, 29 Diner, and Community Activist

"Kyle has a passion for community service, and a record of accomplishments. There is no doubt in my mind that Springfield District would greatly benefit from him as their School Board representative. His knowledge of the issues and the community is second to none."