Sustainability is a basic role of any government, and I am proud that FCPS has been a nationally recognized leader. FCPS has reduced its carbon footprint by nearly 30% in the last decade, and is making improvements every day to keep that trend alive. We have one planet, we need to take care of it as much as possible. Being responsibly sustainable also means carrying it out in a responsible manner. As green technologies advance, we need to be careful to not sign on to practices that will be obsolete in ten years, leaving us stuck with poor technology with no easy way out.

I fully support investing in proven practices that reduce our carbon footprint and make financial sense over the long run. Phasing in these practices to coincide with renovations and capital construction is the right approach. Retrofitting existing facilities, while possible, should be cautiously approached especially when outside contractors are involved.

FCPS has been forward thinking when it comes to green practices, and it needs to stay that way. It is perfectly positioned to be a national leader in the field, and more importantly provide a testing ground for what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be adapted by governments across the country.